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No. 090 Are You Spending Enough Time Thinking?
1st March 2017 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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As Showrunners we spend our time honing our interview skills, tweaking our recording gear, and promoting ourselves on social media. What if we are missing out on a crucial aspect of being a Showrunner?

This crucial aspect is thinking. Are you doing enough of it?

Any podcast is in one of two businesses: the idea business or the story business. Often they overlap. Both get better with rumination. But suffer without it.

If all we are delivering to our audience is our first impressions, our gut reactions, our surface-level thoughts … then we aren’t giving our audiences the best of ourselves.

Thinking helps us to clarify our thoughts, our positions, our ideas before we send them out to interact with the world.

We are like parents for our ideas. We’re comfortable sending an 18-year old into the world, but not so comfortable letting a 5-year old do whatever she wants to do.

The same holds true (or should hold true) for our ideas. Is this idea mature enough to be put out into the world? If it’s not, it shouldn’t be.

And if you’re doing that too often, then you need to spend more time thinking.

In this episode, Jerod and Jonny discuss:

  • Becoming Warren Buffett (An HBO Documentary)
  • Why Warren Buffett was never worried about being first
  • Proven ways to remove distractions and get clarity
  • Use vigilance in prioritizing your time

Listen, learn, enjoy …

Listen to The Showrunner below ...

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