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Michele Yeoh's Accent and the 2023 Oscars
Episode 88th March 2023 • Accent Coach Bianca • Bianca Aubin
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You're probably aware of the accent bias that snuck into the face recognition software. It wasn't that the AI was racist, it merely exposed that humans are. I think of the Hollywood language bias and accent discrimination much the same. Hollywood has biases, and we the audience have been affected by it.

The Oscars are almost here for 2023, and I really think Michele Yeoh deserves to win. And I love that her natural, authentic accent has been accepted and used since at least 2017 when she played a starship captain on Star Trek: Discovery.

Unless you're already a Sci-Fi fan, or a 'Trekkie', you'll learn a few facts about a show I grew up on as well.

In this special episode, I talk about the Hollywood language bias, analyze 2 features of Michele Yeoh's idiolect (individual accent), and express our hopes for the future.