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#14 - How To BEND Reality
Episode 1418th April 2023 • The Wealthy Consultant Talks Podcast • The Wealthy Consultant
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In today's episode of The Wealthy Consultant Podcast, hosted by Taylor Welch with JonCameron Johnson, a growth architect for health innovators, and Seth Ellsworth, Taylor's first mentor. They talk about the ways and keys to changing your own reality.

People are mostly stuck in a life that they do not want because they want something that their own identity does not support the reality that they want.

"Knowing what you know now to change things, you'll dream what it would've been like to be stronger and what it could have felt like to have the courage to risk something for a worthy cause."

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(00:00) Intro

(00:24) If you cannot see yourself doing it, you can't do it

(05:18) Choices, validate, vision, creating reality

(07:28) What are you afraid of?

(10:53) Anchoring your choices

(14:01) Descriptive words

(18:48) To the timid and fearful