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Escaping the Clutches of the Old Economy by Building Supply Ecosystems with Koray Kose and Rik Vera
Episode 1731st March 2022 • Dial P for Procurement • Supply Chain Now
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People and companies talk about technology constantly, but they don’t know what to do with it. Fortunately, procurement is in a position to be an initiator of supply ecosystem relationships that are trust-based even though they are distributed. To achieve this, we will have to de-hype technologies by looking beyond the surface - which, in most cases, is a thin digital frosting on the same old cake.

If we want to escape the old economy, we have to root out everything that serves as a connection to old ways of thinking: experiences, KPIs, language, and thinking of our supply chains from the bottom up.

Everyone in a supply chain wants to have contact with the customer, so the only way to win is for everyone in the ecosystem to work together. That said, change can be deceptive; in many cases, the things that change fastest do not indicate meaningful change.

In this Dial P for Procurement livestream, Rik Vera, international thought leader and author of the Guide to the Ecosystem Economy, and Koray Kose, Senior Director of Supply Chain Research at Gartner, joined co-hosts Kelly Barner and Scott Luton to discuss:

- What the 'old economy' means in terms of systems, thinking, and language

- What we are likely moving towards and what is driving it

- How open-minded thinkers and innovators can work in the space between old and new to design a future for themselves

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