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Dead America - Ed Watters EPISODE 6, 29th July 2020
Brenden Kumarasamy

Brenden Kumarasamy

It all begins with impact.

Despite all the presentations I’ve given over my life, I still remember to this day how scared I was to post my first YouTube video.

I didn’t look like anything in my workshops or presentations, but I went ahead with this project for one reason.


A wise friend once told me that I couldn’t possibly coach every human being on Earth with the limited time I had in my life, so I needed to go on video to share my message with the world. I got over my fear, practiced 100’s of times on camera until I was finally able to say that I was “YouTube Ready”.

All’s to say that when you care about others and only want to add value, you’ll be able to overcome any fear/obstacle in the service of others.

- Brenden Kumarasamy, Founder of MasterTalk

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