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Go Beyond Numbers - Quadrant Planning
Episode 28th June 2021 • Go Beyond Numbers • Tony Rose
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In the second installment of Go Beyond Numbers, Tony and Ryan explore the four-part planning process to ultimately promote clarity and present solutions. Whether you're looking to overcome a personal or professional challenge, Quadrant Planning can help you overcome any obstacle.

Listen as Tony breaks down each quadrant and highlights the overall importance behind them all. Only through utilizing Clarity, Solutions, Implementation, and Management, can an individual or business owner accomplish their problem and thrive on the other side of it.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation that could help influence the way you tackle your next issue.


00:07 - Show introduction and overview on prior episode

01:00 - Welcoming Tony Rose to the show and starting discussion on Quadrant Planning

03:24 - How Quadrant Planning plays a big role in businesses particularly

06:28 - Overview on the Clarity quadrant

08:45 - The Solutions quadrant

10:15 - How the Implementation quadrant comes into play

12:10 - The Management quadrant and why it's at the end of the planning process

18:30 - How the Quadrant Planning process can be applied to small businesses

22:40 - Tony's book "Say Hello to the Elephants" and his inspiration behind it

27:00 - Closing remarks and what we can expect on future episodes

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