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The Fleurie Feature
Episode 926th May 2021 • REMarkable! • Steven Rick & Tim Elliott
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We hope we will end up making Fleurie an official feature of this podcast because she is so bloody brilliant!

We're ecstatic she agreed to come back for another episode, and it didn't disappoint.

We wanted to go deeper on something we spoke about in Fleuries previous appearance in season 2

“We as marketers are people of influence and we have a responsibility for the messages we put into the world.”

That initial start leads us into a marvelous discussion including:

  • Fleurie changed my (Tims) life, a little bit
  • Inter-connectedness. 
  • The woke experience.
  • Brewdog, being good.
  • Purpose and principles.
  • Diversity is a superpower.
  • Captain Tom 100’ 
  • The greatest secret - Where attention goes energy flows.
  • The Matthew McConaughey video 
  • Whatever we speak about 48 minutes onwards that I can’t put into a bullet point.
  • Fleurie asks ‘ what moved us since we spoke last in purposeful communication.

Want to talk to Fleurie? Here are her links!

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