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Embracing Acceptance for a Life of Infinite Creation with Coach Gary Mahler, 816
Episode 8163rd November 2023 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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Have you ever considered the power of just 'allowing'?

Tune into our insightful conversation with returning guest Gary Mahler as we unlock the profound potential of letting things be and choosing to love and lean into them. We explore the liberation that comes from acknowledging pain but not letting it rule us, setting the stage for joy to blossom.

This takes into the realm of presence, exploring its massive potential in crafting an effortless life. Together, Gary and I underline the importance of harmonizing with what's happening around us, putting judgment on the back burner. We reflect on the grace of human moments and the value of embodying this mindset into our tangible reality by immersing ourselves in the 'now'.

as we conclude, we delve into the joys of creation from a place of love. We talk about understanding our relationship to what we want, rather than trying to manipulate it, as a way to manifest our desires. We also acknowledge the potential roadblocks our conditioned beliefs might sometimes present and encourage our listeners to embrace opportunities to create and broaden their horizons. Join us for this enlightening exploration of creation, manifestation, and the pure joy of living!

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