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From Certainty to Uncertainty with Ross Simonini: Part 1
Episode 6918th January 2022 • This Is Your Afterlife • Dave Maher
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Painter, musician, and writer (among many other things) Ross Simonini likes to get at the truth by subtraction. In this episode, we talk about the zen koan of "the finger and the moon" and how it relates to knowing the unknown. He introduces me to fun concepts like apophatic theology (the idea that God can never be known or described). And he describes the hell that is being trapped inside yourself. This episode is part one of two because there's a lot to chew on here, and I want to let the conversation breathe a bit. Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!

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For both a foundation and a deeper exploration of some of the ideas we talk about, check out Ross' essay, "The All," in The Believer.

Follow Ross on Instagram: @rosssimonini, visit his website, and if you're in New York City, go see his art show "The All" at Anonymous Gallery until February 19, 2022! 

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