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From Concept To Selling On Amazon with Tom Dowman, Pago Baby
Episode 7810th September 2021 • Bring Your Product Idea to Life • Vicki Weinberg
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TITLE: 78 From Concept To Selling On Amazon with Tom Dowman, Pago Baby


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Today I am speaking to Tom Dowman, of Pago Baby. Full disclosure, Tom is a client of mine. Tom has a full-time job as a charted surveyor and is a husband and father of 2.

Inspired by his experiences weaning his daughter, Tom has developed a multipurpose floor protector mat. As well as being larger than the average mat, and easy to clean as it is machine washable, look and feel was also important to Tom. It is non-slip, and the neutral grey and white pattern is designed to look good in any home. 

We discussed Tom’s journey from product idea to manufacturing it to becoming an Amazon seller. We discuss how Tom did some brilliant groundwork researching his product, and how we worked together testing different advertising strategies and using Amazon Vine to garner customer reviews. 

Listen in to hear Tom share:

  • An introduction to himself and his work (2:56)
  • What prompted Tom to create the splash mats (2:39)
  • How a Kardashian inspired the design (12:01)
  • Researching and finding the right manufacturer (14:38)
  • Developing a brand(20:40)
  • Setting up a product page on Amazon (23:11)
  • Promoting sales on Amazon, including using Amazon Vine (29:56)
  • The next steps for Pago Baby (38:02)
  • The biggest challenges he has faced (44:53)
  • Balancing Pago Baby with a full-time job and busy home life (50:44)
  • His number one piece of advice for other product creators (35:28)


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