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Therapists Who Had Disordered Eating
Episode 810th January 2023 • Calming the Chaos • Tracy Kenela
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Working with Chaos - Interview with Maria Rippo

Are you interested in how Therapists who have had Eating Disorders can successfully treat clients who struggle with Eating Disorders? If so, join us for a talk with Maria Rippo, who is a Psychotherapist, Holistic Coach and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist. Maria specializes in treating people who have experienced Eating Disorders, trauma and other challenges of being human. Maria is joining Calming the Chaos Podcast today to talk about how her own disordered relationship with food and her body helped her provide therapy for those experiencing similar struggles.

I. Intro – Tell us about yourself and how you got started doing the work you do.

II. Let’s talk about Eating Disorders: What caused you to go in the direction of treating individuals who struggle with food, eating and body image, when that’s what you have struggled with

III. Tell us a bit about how you treat those who struggle with food, eating and body image (Treatment modalities, including hypnotherapy)

IV. The Victim Triangle for Disordered Eating (Tracy’s creation)

V. Tour of Maria’s website at

VI. Products / Services

• Maria’s Blog Talk Radio “Enlighten Me” at

• Recipes at

• Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training 11/13/22 at

• Private Coaching at