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Diving into Covid - Tattooing doing a pandemic panel replay - One year later
29th April 2021 • Reinventing the Tattoo Podcast • Guy Aitchison
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Recorded May 2020.

this episode has Guy Aitchison leading a conversation about tattooing best practices in thecovid 19 era.

"So, just to be clear: I am not a fan of politics and have no interest in taking sides here. The reality is, at some point we will all need to go back to work and to do so safely. Tattooing will be different in the near future, and as an industry we need to set an example of how to return to the workplace in the safest possible way. I believe that tattooers are uniquely prepared for this challenge, partly because of the tight-knit aspect of our community and how we are able to share helpful information quickly. Today at 2:00 Eastern Time we are talking with veteran tattoo & piercing safety experts Kris LaChance and Jesse Nesse plus special guests about specific measures we can take to ensure greater safety in our studios, including new recommendations on personal protection equipment and how to integrate all of this into our daily workflow." - guy Aitchison

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