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Why Diversity is Critical to the Future of Investing with Avante Capital’s Amanda Kim
Episode 2031st August 2022 • Deal Us In • McGuireWoods
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We all have that voice in our head: the one telling us we’re imposters, we’re not cut out for this, we’ll never be able to catch up to the men in our industry.

As a woman in investing, you might not ever have the same opportunities as the men out there, especially if you take time off for maternity leave or have a family at home to provide for. So it’s no surprise that those voices in our heads can nag us into feeling incapable. 

Avante Capital Partners' Principal* Amanda Kim knows these voices well. She started her career in a finance role at Goldman Sachs before applying for a position as associate at Avante Capital, a role far different from what she was used to. 

“Even earlier this week, I said, Why am I doing this podcast? [] I don't know if I'm qualified to be on this podcast,” Amanda says. “However, you can work smartly, differently, and add value. Bring[ing] your genius to the table such that you are a force of nature [and] your company is never gonna want to let go.”

Tune in to this episode of Deal Us In as host Ann Terrell Dorsett chats with Amanda about what it’s like to work in a 100-percent women-led company and what it means to foster a diverse and welcoming workplace. Amanda also tells us why diversity is so important, and shares her biggest tips for making deals.

*At the time of this recording, Amanda Kim held the position of Vice President at Avante Capital Partners.

💡 Featured Guest 💡

Name: Amanda Kim

What she does: As Principal at Avante Capital Partners — a women-owned private capital fund in Los Angeles — Amanda is responsible for identifying, underwriting, executing, and managing investment opportunities.

Company: Avante Capital Partners               

Where to find Amanda: LinkedIn

🗝️ Key Points 🗝️

Top takeaways from this episode 

Diversity makes a difference — A workplace that prioritizes diversity in both hiring and investing opportunities tends to be more collaborative and empathetic compared with environments that are white and male-dominated, Amanda says.

Relationships are key to success — Knowing the anatomy of a sale is valuable in dealmaking, but relationship building is just as, if not more, important. A strong relationship shows that you’re committed and helps build trust between you and your client.

A diverse workplace is about more than just hiring — Once you’ve made your workplace more diverse, there’s more work to be done to get them to stay a while, especially in an industry that is male-dominated. A few effective ways to retain your employees are by fostering support networks and making sure your company invests in professional development and childcare.

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