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E301: Becoming A Leader Who Lifts Up Yourself And Others With Paresh Shah
25th January 2019 • Breakthrough Success • Marc Guberti
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Paresh Shah is the Chief of Strategy and Value Architect at the Non Obvious Company. He is a powerful mix of technologist, Harvard MBA, professor, mindfulness yogi, and classic rock lover that brings these domains together to transform companies, leaders and the individuals in their organizations. He has advised global executives from 20 countries on business strategy and is a former executive at strategy firm Monitor Company. He has taught strategy and innovation in multiple MBA programs around the world. His work has appeared on Forbes,, Inc, and many other places as well.


Quotes To Remember:

"Never insult yourself."

"Find other people you can jointly celebrate worthiness with."

"We can't move forward on any front unless we have a deep feeling of self-worth."

"There are a variety of ways to give and still take care of yourself."

"The world is shifting very dramatically right now."

"Lifters operate from a space of gratitude."

"Do you feel you are worthy to be extremely wealthy?"


What You'll Learn:


  • How to be a lifter leader
  • What it takes to make people click
  • Using consciousness to boost the bottom line
  • Balancing giving free stuff and selling stuff
  • Core mind shifts
  • How to boost creativity


Key Links From The Episode:

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