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Designing Effective Co-Parenting - Eugenie Burton
Episode 726th August 2020 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie
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One of the challenges we face as solo moms is how to effectively co-parent with our ex.  It goes without saying that however it's done, that the process benefits our children. 

Also, do you panic because you are approaching your 40's or 50's and you think your life is over?  Hear Eugenie's take on coming of age. Time to get unstuck!

Eugénie Burton is a Lifestyle Coach who has a passion to help women get unstuck and be awesome as they approach their 40's & 50's, by empowering them to change their lifestyles to fulfill their dreams. She currently runs her own business - Designed2Live - and has inspired women across the world through her speaking engagements, online membership, virtual get-togethers, and online courses.

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