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Taming Your Paper Tigers
Episode 2024th January 2023 • Mentally Stronger • Melli O'Brien
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Have you heard of the term ‘paper tigers’?

It’s used to describe something or someone that claims to be powerful and threatening but, in actuality, is ineffectual and unable to withstand challenges.

If we take this into the context of our emotions, many fear-invoking thoughts are ‘paper tigers’. They appear threatening on the surface but, as we think about them more or as time goes on, we realise they’re not things worth worrying about.

On this episode of Mentally Stronger I ask, what are your ‘paper tigers’?

Perhaps you catastrophise, playing out unlikely scenarios in your head – like losing your job, losing your partner or finding out you have a terrible illness. Maybe you overthink, asking yourself whether people like you, whether you did something wrong in a situation or whether you’re attractive.

I invite you to welcome these ‘paper tigers’, pause for a moment, take a breath and examine them. Do these thoughts really pose a threat?

Let’s work to find a new, empowering way to think about situations and reclaim our inner strength and calm.

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