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Newsflash, I don't have a penis
Episode 658th June 2022 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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You probably already gathered from the title that this is a conversation meant for mature ears. Yes! We are continuing our conversation about sex and we use anatomically correct language and go into details on how to stimulate the pleasure centers and experience an orgasm. Listen responsibly, folks.

Find yourself a comfy seat and buckle up for an absolutely educational conversation that touches on moments of vulnerability, as well as lots of laughs. We sat down behind the mic's to talk with Bekah, a Masters Graduate candidate for Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in orthodox systemic sex therapy. She currently has her own coaching practice and she is trauma informed.

We kick off the conversation by discussing a few important terms, because the language we use is important. We also chat about how Bekah got to this profession and her path in life.

Bekah leads us through historical studies on how boys and girls interact, at what age we have internalized the patriarchy, and who's experience is valued. She shares incredible insight on the inaccurate narratives our cultures and orthodoxy's pass down, and how that impacts our development, including our sexuality.

We discuss in great detail how to talk to your kids about masturbation, specifically. We also dig into the important elements needed for healthy sexuality. Spoiler alert... Boundaries are key! She is impeccably intentional around inner child work in relation to sexuality and healing sexual trauma. She even helps walk us through how to start the conversations with our our children.

This conversation will not disappoint. We are stoked for you to check it out! You can learn more and connect with Bekah on her instagram.

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