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Automovie Podcast - Straight Six Media EPISODE 24, 26th May 2020
Killer Trucks!
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Killer Trucks!

In this episode, Chris and Marty talk about two movies featuring Killer Trucks, Chris Harris's hair, whisky, and Fast & Furious rankings.

In the last episode we discussed an article by Marshall Pruett on Driven. Now Birth Movies Death has also done a feature on Driven as the forgotten Stallone film.

In the UK, TV production has resumed with social distancing measures in place, including actors doing their own hair and makeup! Chris Harris asked for some tips on Twitter, while also showing off his new blonde barnet to raise money for the Great Western Air Ambulance. If you can, please donate a few quid!

In a DriveTribe live stream (now sadly deleted) Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman discussed how the international quarantine had caused them to postpone an adventure in Russia, but what has remained is an examination of the - ahem - wide variety of awards Top Gear had won, and quickly removed by Andy...

Empire ranked every F&F film, wrongly.

As well as doing Intermission by Automovie Podcast episodes, Chris was recently invited onto the Whiskycast Happy Hour webcast! One for folks who like to pair whisky with their movies.

In this episode Chris is enduring Stephen King's directorial debut Maximum Overdrive, while Martin discusses Steven Spielberg's (TV) movie directorial debut Duel.

For our online picks, Chris chose the second part of a walk around Bruce Canepa's facility, focussing on his workshop and 959 reimagining, while also recommending the Zero EV channel as they try to create a 100hp Twizy.

Marty revisited Henry Catchpole's Vantage N430 on the Old Military Road, and picked for his channel Robert Mitchell's excellent channel which is really showing the depth of his knowledge and experience.

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