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Female Influencer Roundtable 2020 - Heather Havenwood
2nd November 2020 • The UnCaged™ Entrepreneur Heather Havenwood • Heather Havenwood | Haven Media Network
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This is a very unique show.

On November 2, 2020 - I put together a "Female Influencer Roundtable"

The intention of this roundtable is to share, connect our stories of online entrepreneurs and how each of has had to change, shift or step up newly in our lives after March 2020.

Women are the leaders in families, relationships and business.

All 4 of the Ladies I reached out to have only the common goal to be a success for themselves, to be a mentor for others and to expand their life beyond the box they may or may not have been given.

This roundtable came out of an idea, last week, and I took massive action to put it together. I wanted others to hear the stories, the contribution, the challenges and the leadership other women where doing and moving through.

With a large amount of fear being thrown at us every day, the intention was to share and give others hope, that no matter what you are seeing or feeling - you can choose a new path.

The Female Influencers Are:

Annabel Landaverde

Carrie Thomas-Omaur

Stacey Hylen

Riss Hsu

Hostess: Heather Havenwood

UnCage Mind, Your Body, Your Spirt!

Heather Ann