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45. Learning to Honor + Trust Your Natural Cycle | with Jessica Victoria
Episode 4517th August 2020 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Jessica Victoria has such a similar philosophy to me when it comes to women’s hormone health and fertility. She is a holistic nutrition practitioner and women’s health and hormones coach, and like many people that get into the field, her interest in hormone health started with her own health issues  and realizing the potential side effects of birth control. When she quit taking birth control, she developed post-pill amenorrhea and didn’t start having her period for over two years after she came off the pill. She began to document her journey on Instagram, including her pregnancy, and the rest is history. We touch on several topics, including syncing your habits to your cycle, why she doesn’t do diet plans, and not following strict rules—but it always comes back to tuning into and listening to the body. And that’s the central takeaway from all of this: That overly specific rules can do more harm than good, and the best course of action is to take in what information you can, try it for yourself, and see what feels good to you and gets you the results you’re looking for.

We Chat About:

  • Helping women understand their bodies
  • Syncing to the different phases of your cycle
  • Not believing in food rules
  • Getting your fertility on track
  • The importance of keeping stress levels down
  • Not following prescriptive advice
  • The danger of labeling yourself


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