Saving Earth by inventing new materials with Andras Forgacs, Co-Founder & CEO of Modern Meadow
17th March 2021 • Innovation with Mark Peter Davis • Interplay
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Modern Meadow is revolutionizing the materials industry by inventing brand new materials that can be used in our everyday lives.

Inventing new materials is exciting, but Modern Meadow's sustainable approach might just be the best part. By using nature's building blocks - proteins - to build these brand new materials, they hope to replace the the materials used in most of today's goods that are large contributors to global warming (ie leather derived from cows and plastic oriented synthetics derived from fossil fuels).

The potential is MASSIVE!

Andras and I discuss Modern Meadow's ZOA technology, how these new materials will hopefully help save our world, and how Andras ended up at this current venture.

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