Protection For Every Child: The Story Behind Wyatt's Law
Episode 14029th December 2023 • Total Michigan • Cliff Duvernois
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In this episode of Total Michigan, host Cliff DuVernois talks to Erica Hammel McLaughlin, the woman behind Wyatt's Law, a preventive measure aimed at protecting children from potential harm. After her son Wyatt suffered severe child abuse at the hands of a convicted abuser, she took it upon herself to prevent such tragedies from happening to others. Erica shares her emotional journey of relentless advocacy that led to the introduction and passing of Wyatt's Law, making part of Michigan's Central child abuse registry accessible to the public. Listen as Erica shares the challenges she faced, the lessons she learned, and the hope she has for safer future for all children.


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00:00 Introduction and Background

00:16 The Start of a Heartbreaking Journey

01:33 Erica's Early Life and Marriage

09:26 The Tragic Incident and Hospital Experience

12:30 The Aftermath and Legal Proceedings

16:11 The Fight for Justice and Wyatt's Law

18:22 A Mother's Fight: The Emergency Room Incident

18:22 The Aftermath: Dealing with the Legal System

18:59 The Birth of Wyatt's Law: A Mother's Crusade

19:51 The Struggle: Navigating the Political Landscape

25:22 The Turning Point: A New Direction for Wyatt's Law

26:41 The Triumph: Wyatt's Law Becomes a Reality

27:02 The Impact: Wyatt's Law in Action

29:19 The Future: Advocacy and Awareness