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1064 - Flipping the Ascension Model on its Head with Jessica Yarbrough
5th February 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to business growth consultant and sales marketing strategist, Jessica Yarbrough

Jessica’s focus is breaking the myth of the traditional ascension model approach to internet marketing. She says enough of the funnels, upselling, with only the vague hope to sell high ticket items. She shares that this approach actually just isolates you from your ideal prospects. Ascension model marketing doesn’t work with high level leads – it just doesn't. High ticket prospects are sophisticated and recognize amateur marketing when they see it. They don’t have time to be sold to. The people who have time and need money will invest in an e-course, the people who have money but not time won’t. You can’t sell to those prospects in the same way. Jessica shares that you have to share your high ticket offer in an intimate setting after developing an established relationship with a prospect. 

Jessica explains that you have to flip the ascension model on its head. You need to offer a high ticket, intimate experience for your high level clientele. This model is faster and more profitable – you’ll hit your revenue goals faster than ever. This is easier and also more impactful, too. You’ll also get feedback in real time and you’ll know, with integrity, that your offer is proven and validated. 

If you’re really advocating for your audience, you should teach them what you know. Josh shares that he feels you need to feel great about your market and your offering before going broad. You have a more superior product when you take it through its various iterations before going broad; let it evolve and level itself up by being an intimate, feedback-heavy program. You can scale your product through great delivery. Acquisition is great, but if your delivery on the back end isn’t tip top, your reputation will suffer. The high touch experience can only scale when you truly help your clients and provide great results. 

How do you find big ticket clients, though? Jessica and Josh explore how to build relationships with high level prospects. Is your offer correct and are you marketing to the right people? They’re either not at the level to buy your product yet or they’re not seeing the value and aren’t taking you seriously. It needs to solve an urgent need and truly be impactful to attract high ticket leads. People will always be willing to pay you more if you treat them as though you’re their mentor, not their peer. They should want to aspire to achieve your level and authority. 

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