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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 3, 10th June 2020
The Big Swing Interview
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The Big Swing Interview

On this PodOn episode, we chat with Cooper Searls and Ross Stripling from the overnight podcast success, The Big Swing Podcast. From fanboys turned professional interviewers, Cooper and Ross are playing the podcast game right. Remote recording, outsourcing, live events… they’ve done it all! Listen now to learn valuable tips and tricks from their experience and avoid the common mistakes rookie podcasters make. 

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(02:43) - The Big Swing Story: A podcast success born from passion — “I remember waking up in the morning and asking ‘Are we serious about this?’, and within 48 hours we were announcing it on social media.”

(04:57) - How they defined their podcast and audience from scratch — “We didn't really anticipate how many people would listen.”

(07:41) - Finding balance with your podcast compadre — “I remember thinking we wanted to look like two guys talking about sports.” 

(10:12) - How to stay authentic: should you be cutting content down? - “I think people want to hear Cody Bellinger say ‘uhh…’ and not be perfect all the time.”

(13:49) - How Cooper and Ross found their cadence - “If we are gonna post it soon we stay current and talk about what is going on right now, and if it's not gonna be one we are releasing soon, we keep it kind of broad.”

(16:37) - How they prepare their guests for the show - “Basketball, golf and people in the acting realm, those people want more defined days before they share their contact information.”

(19:08) - The good, the bad and the ugly of podcasting - “Ross didn't sound good, I sounded mad, but we've had the self awareness to take a day and re do it tomorrow.”

(23:39) - On remote recording and how to get the right setup - “The person that is editing... it's a responsibility to listen to the whole thing, just to ensure there is now slip up somewhere or someone's microphone went out.”

(27:42) - Outsourcing audio editing and focusing on your podcast — “I get to a point where I can get couples out in the wild and for me spend the time to do so, but I can't just be editing.”

(30:59) - What to expect when you’re building a podcast — “As far as the podcast itself we never sit down and brainstorm, or a year from now this is our goal, we kinda take it almost week to week.”

(33:54) - How to profit from podcasting — “You can get stats and share those with sponsors and say this is the growth that we are seeing over these 65 episodes.”

(43:21) - Live events: Cooper and Ross in real life — “I just told Cooper, ‘Let’s do it! Let’s explore what it is and let’s pursue it’.”

(48:43) - Their advice for the curious, scrappy podcaster - “The biggest advice I would give is just press record and post it.”


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