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How to Read Nonverbal Body Language for Better Communications
Episode 1514th April 2022 • Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner • Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner
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Are you unsure of how to read nonverbal body language at work? Could you be missing out on subtle clues about what someone is really thinking?

Imagine how valuable it would be if you were better at decoding those signals? It could help you be a more effective leader, negotiator, or team player.

It’s powerful indeed, my friends. Today’s guest, Martin Brooks, creator of the Body Language Decoder, will give us some tips on how to get better at reading nonverbal body language at work.

What You’ll Discover About Read Nonverbal Body Language (highlights & transcript):

* Genesis of Martin’s interest in how to read nonverbal body language 

* How to use body language for more effective communication 

* Top 3 patterns to help you read nonverbal body language 

* Why reading nonverbal body language of audience helps adjust your own nonverbal cues 

* Where beginners can focus to read nonverbal body language

* How better nonverbal body language can reduce Zoom fatigue 

* The danger of ignoring nonverbal body language 

* And MUCH more.

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Guest: Martin Brooks

Martin Brooks is an experienced communication coach and trainer. In his consultancy practice, he applies his expertise in the reading of body language to help clients better understanding others as well as communicate more effectively.

His body language analysis has been aired on the BBC, LBC Radio and the Discovery Channel.

His new product, “Body Language Decoder,” includes 50 illustrated cards that reveal what others are really thinking.   

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