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Ego vs. Task Orientation
9th April 2020 • Social Skills Coaching • Patrick King
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Many of us will inevitably fall prey to ego orientation, which is when we are overly focused on comparisons, outside perceptions, and ultimately what others think about us regarding the performance of a task. Obviously, this is not about the task itself, and lends itself to procrastination because in the end, you’d rather not risk embarrassment or judgment. And so you don’t move; you are running to stand still. We should instead shift our focus and goals to task orientation, which is the performance of the act itself. It sounds simplistic, but the obstacle is that we are all wired to emotionally protect ourselves, and we will do this subconsciously. You may indeed be acting (or not acting) out of ego orientation, or another type of psychological defense mechanism.

Sometimes we don’t take action because we don’t know how to focus our energy, but other times, we remain stagnant out of fear or avoidance.

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