14. School Counselors: Level Up Your Game – Why Conferences Matter
Episode 1421st June 2023 • Counselor Chat Podcast • Carol Miller, School Counselor
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Do you attend conferences or professional development trainings during the summers? Attending national and state conferences can open up a world of opportunities for learning and networking with other educators and counselors.

In this episode, we are chatting about the benefits of attending conferences and other professional development trainings. I am also announcing details about the 2023 Summer Counselor Conference I am hosting in August! You won’t want to miss the amazing keynote speakers and presenters I have lined up!  

Topics Covered: 

  • Why it is important to attend professional development trainings for school counselors
  • How to keep up with the changing educational landscape and aligning counseling approaches with evolving needs
  • How to create networking and collaboration opportunities with colleagues from different schools and districts
  • Announcement of the 2023 Summer Counselor Conference! 🎉

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Questions about the conference or anything you heard on this episode? 

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Hi, everyone, and welcome back to another episode of Counselor Chat. Today we're going to be talking about leveling up our game by attending a school counselor conference. There are lots of conferences that are happening this summer, whether it's your state conference, there's a lot of state conferences going on, or mini conferences or aska or even some virtual conferences, like we're hosting a virtual summer counselor conference. Whatever you have available to you, I would really try to take advantage. Summer is a great time to attend these professional events. I know it's our sacred time, our time that we have off, but sometimes we need to find time to really invest in ourselves and our future and our profession. So stick around with me and listen.

To some of the reasons that I.

Have for why we should spend our summers or some of our free time.

Going to conferences and how we can make the most of them.

So stick around and join me.

ends, that you don't wait the:

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