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355 | 3 Things That Are Costing You Millions
Episode 35529th October 2021 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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There are things that we do on a regular basis that could be costing you millions of dollars. Some may seem obvious, but others are not quite as easy to spot. In today’s episode, Cayla breaks down the three main things that you are definitely doing that are costing you millions. She shares scientific studies that demonstrate how our brains become addicted to certain activities that we wind up wasting precious time on. Cayla herself realized that she was not only wasting her time, but she was losing out on possible business growth and using her own creativity by participating in these three things regularly.

So listen on to find out what these three things are, why they are harming you and your business, and how you can put them aside and focus on other things that will better serve you. And keep listening till the end for a surprise tip from Charlotte, Cayla’s daughter.

You will learn:

  • [2:02] - The number one thing that costs you millions is watching television.
  • [3:32] - When we watch television, it makes impressions on our memories and stresses our brains.
  • [5:01] - Cayla shares a scientific study that demonstrates how mimicry works in the brain.
  • [7:40] - Instead of watching TV, what if you consume content that better serves you?
  • [9:10] - Another thing that is holding you back is complaining.
  • [11:48] - Instead of complaining, Cayla prayed because she knows God wants her to prosper.
  • [12:40] - Cayla also says that social media scrolling is also costing you millions. She explains how she discovered this.
  • [14:18] - Cayla lists the ways social media is hurting you and your children.
  • [16:42] - When you feel like you need to scroll, put your phone down and embrace being bored.
  • [17:41] - Charlotte, Cayla’s daughter, pops into the episode to share how her imagination goes wild when she gets bored.
  • [19:01] - Cayla spent some time with a billionaire and when asked if he watches TV, he said he hasn’t watched television in 25 years.

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