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Is There a Future IF Rory McIlroy Apologizes?
Episode 1912th January 2024 • Golf Lovers United: Discussing Golf, the Fair Way • Golf Lovers United
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In this episode, the hosts discuss Rory McIlroy's interview, his change of stance on LIV golf, Tiger Woods' partnership with Nike, the Sentry Tournament of Champions, the controversy surrounding LIV golf and the PGA Tour, and answer a listener question about Victor Hovland's bunker shot. The conversation revolves around the speculation of which players will join the LIV Golf League and the potential composition of the Rippers team.

The hosts discuss their predictions and opinions on the matter, highlighting the names of players they believe may join or have already had discussions. The episode concludes with closing remarks and a mention of future content on their YouTube channel.


  • Rory McIlroy's interview on Stick to Football revealed a change in his stance on LIV golf, indicating a potential future involvement with the PIF.
  • The hosts discuss the implications of Rory's change of stance and the possibility of other players following suit.
  • The hosts speculate on the future of Nike Golf and its potential involvement with LIV golf.
  • The Sentry Tournament of Champions saw low scores and a victory by Chris Kirk, highlighting the need for more compelling storylines and personalities on the PGA Tour.
  • The controversy surrounding LIV golf and the PGA Tour continues, with players like John Rahm and others being banned from certain events.

The hosts answer a listener question and discuss Victor Hovland's bunker shot during the Sentry Tournament of Champions. There is ongoing speculation about which players will join LIV.

The hosts predict that players like Jason Day, Ricky Fowler, and Adam Scott may join the league.

Adam Scott is seen as a potential talisman for the Rippers team due to his strong relationships with Greg and Cam Smith.

The hosts express excitement about future content on their YouTube channel.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Rory McIlroy's Interview
  • 10:35 Rory's Change of Stance on Live Golf
  • 22:12 Tiger Woods' Partnership with Nike
  • 31:00 Discussion on the Sentry Tournament of Champions
  • 38:09 Controversy Surrounding Live Golf and the PGA Tour
  • 39:08 Listener Question: Victor Hovland's Bunker Shot
  • 39:31 Speculating on the Next Players to Join the Premier Golf League
  • 41:56 Predicting Potential Players for the Rippers Team
  • 42:39 Adam Scott as a Potential Talisman for the Rippers
  • 43:36 Closing Remarks and Future Content

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