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Remote Work Series - How to Overcome Proximity Bias
Episode 13rd August 2020 • The EnRichment Show by Arootah • Rich Bello
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Want to find out how you (and others) can overcome proximity bias?

Proximity bias is when people assume that remote workers are less productive than team members who are physically present in the office.

The movement towards remote work comes with a blend of psychological and practical challenges. One of the most important challenges to overcome is proximity bias surrounding remote work.

Learn how you can overcome proximity bias and silence erroneous beliefs about remote work in this episode of The EnRichment Show.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • What proximity bias is and why it is a problem for modern-day businesses
  • What a ‘distributed’ company is and how it works
  • The meaning of cognitive bias
  • How to overcome cognitive biases and proximity biases surrounding remote work

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