Counsel in Control: Inside the Mind of FAA 's Top Legal Advisor
Episode 1213th January 2023 • Blackletter • Thomas Dunlap
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Would you change your career path to contribute to your society?

On the Blackletter podcast this week, host Tom Dunlap interviews Marc Nichols, the Chief Counsel for the Federal Aviation Administration. In his role, Marc provides legal advice for the FAA and works closely with professionals on issues of national significance to the aviation industry. He shares with listeners his career path and developmental milestones that led to his current involvement in the world of politics and public service. Additionally, Mark explains the factors that drove him to accept the President's appointment and the changes he made in his desire to contribute to society through his profession.

Listen to this episode of the Black Letter Podcast to learn more about Marc's professional journey through law and government. And check back next week when Marc continues his three-episode interview and discusses the challenges he faces in his high-pressure role.