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Adapting Supply Chain Networks for Continuous Disruption
Episode 125910th April 2024 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Global supply chains are still grappling with the aftermath of COVID-19 and ongoing disruptions caused by international conflicts and economic instability. So, in an era where destabilization has become the new normal, what can organizations do to improve agility and resiliency?

In this episode of Supply Chain Now, hosts Scott Luton and Mary Kate Love are joined by supply chain transformation experts Christine Barnhart, Chief Marketing and Industry Officer at Nulogy and Jake Barr, CEO of BlueWorld Supply Chain Consulting to discuss the next steps for industry professionals.

Offering actionable advice, the pair explain why supply chain leaders must actively embrace change management, adopting modern methodologies and technologies to enhance operational effectiveness. From the importance of bolstering visibility to understand and take a proactive role in managing supply chain networks, to the integration and interoperability of key technologies and value-add solutions, several essential learnings are shared.

For a comprehensive rundown on several priority improvement areas, be sure to catch the full episode.

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