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Behind current DCM research in dogs with Dr. Kate Shoveller
Episode 1317th May 2023 • The Pet Industry Podcast • BSM Partners
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In this episode, Dr. Megan Sprinkle, Dr. Mary Cope, Dr. Brad Quest and Dr. Stephanie Clark from BSM sit down with Dr. Kate Shoveller, a leading pet researcher.  Topics they discuss include companion animal nutrition, Dr. Shovellers’ work in research, and her thoughts about DCM.


Dr Kate Shoveller Bio:

BSM Article on Dr. Kate Shoveller:

Dr. Kate Shoveller

Dr. Anna Kate Shoveller, professor at the University of Guelph’s Department of Animal Biosciences, has a deep understanding of companion animal nutrition that is rooted in science, passed down and built upon by her team of nearly 20 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Shoveller’s commitment to pet food is illustrated by her dedication and respect for animals, research, and the formidable team of students, colleagues, and industry professionals with which she has surrounded herself.

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Show Notes:

(01:55)  How a chance encounter with a pig specialist lead Dr. Shoveller into the research

(05:13)  Getting into pet nutrition:  An invitation too good to pass up

(09:15)  Bias:  How to keep data pure to tell the real story

(14:07)  Conflicting statements: How pet owners can find reliable sources of information

(17:37)  Mixing science with emotion: A veterinarians perspective

(20:33)  How Dr. Shoveller entered the world of pulse research and DCM

(24:25)  International perspective: How Europeans view DCM versus North America

(28:20)  What other factors impact the health of pets

(31:47)  Advice to pet owners about pulses in diets

(36:16)  How Dr. Shoveller is impacting future generations of researchers

(37:32)  What is the biggest misconception about the pet food industry?




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