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Guest: Stan Stokes, Aviation Artist
Episode 1325th March 2024 • Big Conversations, Little Bar • Mutual Broadcasting System LLC
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On this episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar, hosts Patrick Evans and Randy Florence welcome aviation artist Stan Stokes to Skip Paige's Little Bar. Stan's deep passion for aviation and art is evident in his remarkable journey from model airplane builder to acclaimed artist. Growing up surrounded by airplanes and inspired by the local airport at Brackett Field, Stan developed a love for painting and flying that would shape his career. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to his craft, Stan's artwork captures the beauty and history of aviation in a unique way. From street art shows to gallery exhibitions, Stan's artistic talents have garnered him recognition and praise from notable figures in the aviation community, including General Jimmy Doolittle and Chuck Yeager. His authentic connection to the aviation world is reflected in his stunning paintings, many of which feature iconic aircraft and moments in aviation history. Join Patrick and Randy as they delve into Stan's extraordinary journey as an artist, pilot, and aviation enthusiast. Stan shares anecdotes from his experiences at the Palm Springs Air Museum and highlights from his impressive career. Don't miss this engaging and informative episode of Big Conversations, Little Bar from the Center of the Coachella Valley Universe!




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