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Website lead generation with Peter Swead
Episode 214th January 2018 • Old Fox Young Fox • Old Fox Young Fox
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So you feel like you need a website. But what is it really for? In this episode of Old Fox Young Fox, we talk to Peter Swead of Paramarq about the value of an effective web presence. What does it do for your business? The answer: It generates sales leads. Just like any type of advertising should. Just as a shop draws in customers, so to does a well-designed website generate leads.

Topics include:

1. How does lead generation work on the internet?

2. What makes a good website?

3. What makes a bad website?

4. How do you measure success?

5. What is Google Adwords?

6. Do you still need traditional advertising?

About our guest

Peter is a lead generation specialist. Through Paramarq, his team have transformed the sales potential of organisations for many years. Peter takes a logical approach to website design and is at the forefront of the use of Google Ads as a means of generating web traffic in the UK.

Contacting Peter

Peter can be reached via LinkedIn:

Paramarq can be reached via the Paramarq website