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S3-EP42: Q&A: Sorry, Derek: Maurice Johnson - Alternative Suspects
Episode 4311th January 2022 • Snow Files • Jamie Snow
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Join co-hosts Lesley, Tam and Ray as they discuss the alternative suspect, Maurice Johnson in depth. We go really deep in this discussion! And you can also meet our new Intern, Melinda! So exciting!

In 1992, just 11 months after the murder of young Clark Gas Station attendant Bill Little, Kroger Station attendant Derek Brooks was shot in the chest during an armed robbery gone wrong, just 2.6 miles away. Like with Bill, the robber attempted to kill him with two shots to the chest, but the gun jammed. A petty sum of cash was stolen and the assailant fled in a maroon colored coupe, with a female get away driver. After being apprehended that same night, and identified with matching footprints and fingerprints, Maurice Johnson admitted to the crime, was charged with attempted murder and armed robbery, apologized to the victim, and was sentenced to twenty five years in prison. The same officers, detectives, and crime scene technicians worked both cases, and were key trial witnesses against Jamie Snow. They received a tip that Maurice Johnson admitted to the Clark Station robbery and murder. However, we cannot find any documents to suggest Maurice Johnson was ever investigated for Bill Little’s murder.


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