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Ep. 21 Guarantee ROI From Your New Hire: Hiring Hack
Episode 2117th May 2023 • On the Up and Up • Kira La Forgia
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The process of hiring your first few employees can be intimidating. In this episode, Kira breaks down a few ways you can relieve that hiring anxiety. 

Tune in to hear what this looks like for marketing assistants, operations managers, administrative assistants, and more. 

Have your new hires complete these tasks to familiarize them with their new position: 

Marketing/Social Media Assistant:

  • Create and Update a Content Bank
  • Create a Metrics Database

Operations Manager:

  • Create a workflow to interconnect your systems. This gets them to dip their toe into it, to understand the functionality and how it's connected to the other systems. 

Admin Assistant

  • Have them manage Inbox & Google Drive organization
  • Work with them to make sure that you can capitalize on their interests in the systems that you have in your company 

Operations Assistant 

  • Have them build an SOP library for you (if you already have SOPs, then they should be keeping them updated) 

Coach or Client Manager

  • Create Frequently Asked Questions databases,audit your programs for, for current and accurate information, and they can help to templatize and update your workflows and your SOPs

Empower your employees by presenting them with projects that push their boundaries and allow them to reach new heights. 

Take these steps, embrace the challenge, and don't forget to share your success stories with us! We're excited to hear how these strategies work for you! 

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