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What To Consider Before Selling to a DSO
Episode 4828th July 2022 • Beyond Bitewings • Edwards & Associates, PC
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When it comes to selling a practice, many dentists find themselves contemplating the decision between selling to a DSO, going down a traditional path, or even to selling at all. Although selling to a DSO may seem enticing, it's important to understand the full picture before making this important decision. 

In this episode of Beyond Bitewings, Ash and Robert discuss what DSO’s are, how they work, and what they are usually looking for when it comes to acquiring your practice. Plus they talk about what is important for you to know before you sign any dotted line.

They also discuss how DSO’s typically determine a sales price, and how they make it much more straightforward than traditional buyers. Plus they discuss, on average, what a DSO expects from the owners when purchasing, and why an owner could end up losing a lot of money by selling too early.

They also talk about that although it may feel like it’s an urgent decision, why it’s important not to rush into anything, in addition to other questions that their customers typically ask when they’re trying to decide to move down the DSO route.

So before you make any changes to your business or decide to sell to a DSO, make sure you listen.

If you have specific questions about selling your practice, or if you'd like to have another question answered on a future podcast, please reach out to the Edwards & Associates team.