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End the Toxic Tango, how to reclaim your power in relationships
Episode 1216th May 2024 • Rebellious Wellness Over 50 • Gregory Anne Cox
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This episode is for you if you are suffering (in silence or if you feel everyday is a battle for your self worth), in a relationship gone bad or has been bad for years.

Shannon Petrovich, LSCW, LISAC, BCD is an expert in the complex world of toxic relationships.

This is an especially important interview in light of the many studies highlighting how common it is for women to be the victims of verbal abuse, diminishment, and feelings of shame due to a toxic relationship. This can be from a partner, family member, or even an adult child.

According to the American Psychological Association, "One nationally representative study showed that 27% of Americans are actively estranged from at least one family member."

Truth is, people who find themselves in this place have often created the very situation they hate. You remember the saying, "we teach people how to treat us?"

Yeah, that applies here.

But it's not hopeless. You can regain your sense of self worth and teach your people that who you are is not a doormat or victim. Some will respond positively and some will have to be walked away from.

Shannon's goal is to help individuals identify toxicity in their relationships and what steps one can take to address these unhealthy dynamics.

Shannon helped me understand that narcissism isn't one type of individual or behavior but is rather a spectrum of people and behaviors. Bottom line is this is a tricky situation to navigate due to the chameleon-like nature of a narcissists actions.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Personal Experience with Illness: The host shares her recent recovery from illness.
  • Rising Awareness of Toxic Relationships: A reflection on why toxic relationships are getting more attention in light of global situations.
  • Defining Self Within Relationships: Understanding that showing up as your whole self is crucial for healthy interactions. 
  • The Spectrum of Narcissism: Insight into how narcissistic behavior varies and its impact on relationships.
  • Internal vs. External Responsibility: Emphasizing the importance of distinguishing between one's own emotions and those projected by others.
  • Navigating Parental Roles & Adult Children Dynamics: Strategies for dealing with expectations set by historical family roles.
  • Recognizing Subtle Forms of Toxicity: Acknowledging that not all toxic behaviors are overtly abusive but may still be harmful.
  • Tools For Recovery & Empowerment:
  • Developing a healthy relationship within oneself before addressing external ones
  • Implementing boundaries

Shannon offers a free training video on her website to provide initial guidance on handling toxic relationships.

She also had a support group & masterclass. These are opportunities for deeper learning and community support when dealing with these challenges.

This episode provides valuable advice for anyone questioning the healthiness of their interpersonal connections while offering practical steps toward resolution and empowerment.

Remember to visit for further assistance in healing from detrimental relational patterns.

Note: Always ensure you're safe when considering leaving a potentially dangerous situation; seek professional help if necessary.



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