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The Small Moves Podcast - Jason Herzberger 5th September 2017
001 – Ain’t Nothing But a Family Thing, with my wife, Carrie Paxton
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001 – Ain’t Nothing But a Family Thing, with my wife, Carrie Paxton

This is an experimental format for the Small Moves Podcast, where I hop on with guest co-host, Carrie Paxton.  A brilliant, beautiful, and amazing woman… who I happen to be married to.
The entire concept of Small Moves is to show the incremental steps need to make drastic change over time in whatever area your life.  Well, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t showcase that strategy in my own life!  Carrie and I are constantly experimenting with things, trying to make our lives and businesses and health better.  This is the first try at doing a periodic check in episode with the two of us discussing things we’re working on and the successes and failures we’ve experienced.

We talk about my new business and website, Small Moves

We discuss her new business, launching by weeks end, Building Blocks Education

We talk about our kiddos and all the crazy stuff we are planning to do with them.

This was a fun chat for me. As it always is when Carrie and I dig in to stuff.  I hope you all enjoy it and give us some feedback about what you thought of the show.  Please subscribe to the show and leave us feedback with your thoughts on great potential guests for the show.  I’m really looking forward to the journey and hope you will come along with us!


I appreciate you!