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Leaping with Trust: A Blueprint for TRUST 2.0 When Facing Change Is Scary & Emotionally Painful with Laura Dawn - 37
Episode 3713th October 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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TRUST 2.0 When the Going Gets Tough.

There is a grand restructuring unfolding on the planet right now. This is a time where we are being called to face our personal truth. When we choose to step into deeper alignment with this truth, whatever that may be, it often requires facing big changes as we let go of who we thought we were and step forward into who we are choosing to be.

Facing these changes can require an enormous amount of letting go and often bring with them a lot of upheaval. As many of us find ourselves on the precipice peering into the great unknown, we need to learn how to trust the deeper levels of restructuring that are unfolding for us both individually and collectively.

And that's what this episode is all about; learning to trust in the great unknown. I share my perspective on what it means to move from trust 1.0 to trust 2.0 and how this impacts the way we live and the way we lead.

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Music to Move You

This episode features a powerful mantra song called "I Release Control" by Alexa Sunshine Rose.



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