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Ep 52: Menopause: A Missing Conversation in Vet Med, with Liz Barton
Episode 5214th September 2022 • The Veterinary Leadership Success Show • By Dr Dave Nicol
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In today’s episode of The Veterinary Business Success Show, Brendan Howard sits with Liz Barton to discuss how menopause affects the careers of women in the veterinary field. 

Unlike other biological issues affecting women, menopause is a subject rarely discussed - not only in the board room but also in normal social spheres!

This episode discusses the symptoms of menopause (including hair loss and insomnia), its effects on the progression of women’s careers, and how it can be disastrous to both the work and personal lives of the women it affects.

Liz Barton has a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Cambridge and has more than 15 years of experience in the field. She has previously served as a Veterinary Surgeon at Frame, Swift and Partners; Veterinary Surgeon at The Cromwell veterinary group limited; Director at CIC; and currently serves as the Head of Communications at VetCt and the Co-Founder of WellVet. 

To learn more about menopause and its effects on the careers of women, click here.

Episode Outline

  • [00:00] Episode intro
  • [01:16] Dr. Liz Barton explains how she came up with the report on the effect of Menopause in the Veterinary field
  • [03:18] Dr. Liz talks about creating awareness on issues associated with menopause 
  • [06:20] Discussion on the balance between work and issues such as family and the Perimenopause effect 
  • [10:32] Perimenopause symptoms and their effect on work life
  • [12:33] Ad break - Our veterinary leadership program
  • [13:49] The episode resumes with Brendan asking Liz if individuals or organizations usually take any action toward the symptoms of Perimenopause
  • [18:22] Is there a positive change in the organization after creating awareness of the menopause effect?
  • [21:37] Dr. Liz talks about the access to a flexible working environment recommendation by the British Medical Association
  • [24:32] Dr. Liz and Brendan talk about the flexibility of the work environment in the veterinary field
  • [26:49] The end

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