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Achieving a BHAG with Nisu Patel
Episode 4313th January 2022 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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Hey goal achievers, happy new year! On this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin introduces us to Nisu Patel who is a Financial Advisor and Growth & Development Director at Northwestern Mutual. Last year, Nisu was honored as one of Northwestern Mutual’s top financial planning advisors in the country. He is the second youngest advisor to achieve this esteemed forum status and is the youngest within his home state of Alabama. 

Today, Nisu gives us some of his best advice when it comes to achieving big goals. He talks about his journey from growing up around small businesses to becoming a successful financial advisor. 

Episode Highlights

03:35 There were a lot of lessons I took away. There were some lessons that I wanted to replicate that I had seen, but then there were also lessons that I observed that I wanted to make sure I avoided as well. 

09:45 In 2021 I went back to being a solo entrepreneur and solo business owner, and that forced me to focus on the most important variables and the variables that drove action in my business. This allowed me to be laser-focused and that laser focus, that kind of dedication, also raised my self-awareness within my business. 

16:30 For me, having faith, trusting the process, having a game plan and believing in what you're doing allows you to be more abundant.

18:40 I think when you're talking about people and surrounding yourself with mentors, it's important to understand who they are and where they're at in life.

21:38 Investing in my business helped me accelerate my goals and timelines, and the growth that I've had. 

31:07 I think it's important to put pen to paper and set deadlines during your thinking time.

33:57 I've got to make sure that I'm feeding my mind good fuel, because whatever we're dripping into our brain, that becomes reality. 

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