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The Travel Podcast - The Travel Podcast EPISODE 8, 14th May 2020
Western Canada: Whale watching, hockey, skiing and free beer!
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Western Canada: Whale watching, hockey, skiing and free beer!

Dreaming of visiting Canada but not sure where to start? Then take a listen! Joined by a special guest, The Travel Podcast team discuss Western Canada and the incredible sights, attractions and itineraries that you need to do for a first-time visit! Don’t forget to check out our Canada offers if you’ve been inspired!

  • With so much to do, where do you start?
  • Is it suitable for families?
  • Learn about the infamous Timbits
  • What are the best outdoor activities you can do there?
  • Can you make it a twin-centre?
  • What is skiing like there?


Your hosts

Steve Witt

Juliet Heather

Matthew Butler


Special Guest

Jane Fraser | Travel Trade Manager, Canadian Affair


Useful links

Tourist Board - https://www.destinationcanada.com/en 

British Columbia - http://britishcolumbia.com

Whistler Ski Resort - https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/ 

Dog Sled tours- https://www.banffadventures.com/Things-To-Do/Winter-Activities/Dogsled-Tours 

Vancouver Aquarium - https://www.vanaqua.org/ 

Banff ice walks - https://www.banffadventures.com/Things-To-Do/Winter-Activities/Icewalks