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Made through the enjoyment of God and Sabbath rest
Episode 24th February 2021 • In the Making • P2C-S Podcast Network
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Christian, you were made to enjoy God and to rest in him. In this episode, join Selina, Graham Hynds, Wendy Stringer and Emily Ferrier as they discuss the workings of Sabbath, rest and enjoyment of God. 

For more resources on this topic check out: 

“Ruthless Elimination of Hurry”

“Emotionally Healthy Leader”

“Spiritual disciplines Handbook” 

If you would like to do a deep dive into this topic of rest consider listening to the “Fight Hustle, End Hurry" podcast by John Mark Comer and Jefferson Bethke.

Last but not least here is a document Emily made on creating Rhythms for your life.  

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Produced by Selina and the P2C-S Podcast Network. Sound editing by Laura Saad. Check us out at @p2cspods on Instagram.