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How to Communicate Like a Leader
Episode 853rd May 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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99% of men struggle with communicating. Are YOU one of them? Maybe you lose your sh*t and you shout and scream at your wife, maybe you clam up and don’t say anything, or maybe you just feel STUCK, stagnated, and unsure where to go next. If you have no idea how to communicate effectively, Mark is here to help you this week. Ready to learn to communicate with your wife? This episode is for YOU.

If you are ready to communicate like a LEADER, do the WORK and create CHANGE in your life, this episode is a great refresher to show you how to communicate with your wife at the highest level possible. Mark is sharing the concept of the communication core four and showing you how to use these simple techniques to communicate with your wife, even during TOXIC circumstances. Hear how Mark uses these techniques in EVERY area of his life and what you need to do if you REALLY want change and transformation.

“Clear, Concise, Calm, Certain. Implement these to communicate like a leader.”

- Mark Santiago


In This Episode:

- There is a reason you yell and scream when communicating. Here’s what it is…

- Learn why if you want to be successful at ANYTHING in your life, you CAN’T be attached to the outcome

- You need BOUNDARIES in your life. Here’s why…

- Find out how to stop MISSING the point of LIFE

- Hear the difference between guilt and shame

- Men are LIARS. Here’s why…

- These 4 C’s of COMMUNICATION will help you communicate like a LEADER. Here’s how…

- Find out how to communicate at the highest level possible

And much more…

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