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Change Your Environment, Change Your Future
Episode 11025th October 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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The community you put yourself in dictates, shapes, and molds who you are. Your environment is EVERYTHING. Who you surround yourself with RIGHT NOW and where you are putting yourself is EVERYTHING. So you have to be ULTRA careful about the people you put around you. You need to be INTENTIONAL about your COMMUNITY.

 Think about the community you grew up in, the community you live in now, and the people you’ve always had around you. Do they EMPOWER you? Do they help you THRIVE? Or do they bring you DOWN and hold you back? YOU have the opportunity to grow into the most empowered version of yourself, but if you are hanging around with disempowered, disenfranchised people, you are NOT growing; you are STAGNANT. This world needs men that have come ALIVE, so what are you waiting for? In this episode, find out the POWER of community and how to STOP playing small and START playing large.

In This Episode:

- Find out why COMMUNITY shapes and molds you into who you are

- If you want to GROW, you have to put yourself in a new container. Here’s why…

- THIS is why most support groups don’t challenge the bullsh*t stories, and why Thrive is different

- Mark shares how vulnerability leads to freedom

- Discover the POWER of community and how it can empower you or keep you playing small

And much more…