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Verbal Diorama - Verbal Diorama EPISODE 96, 27th May 2021
The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad

In 1987, Fred Dekker made a little movie that did so badly it was pulled from US theatres after just two weeks....

Like all cult classics though, The Monster Squad showed it had nards, and only grew in audiences estimations through VHS and TV screenings, through to DVD and Blu-ray, and to sold-out fan screenings and events.

While attempts have been made to reboot The Monster Squad, and in the shadow of Universal's attempt at a Dark Universe, something like The Monster Squad would be the perfect showcase for all their classic cinematic monsters..... but let's not talk about the fact they wanted nothing to do with this movie, nor were they interested in resurrecting their classic monsters in the late '80s. Times sure do change.

What doesn't is a fresh, funny script by Fred Dekker and Shane Black (aka Black and Dekker!), endearing child actors, incredible make-up and creature effects and some seriously emotional beats that, yes, still make me cry.

I would love to hear your thoughts on The Monster Squad!



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