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881: Code Name: Tank // Spiritual Lessons from WW1 32 (Eric Ludy)
24th August 2022 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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This is the thirty-second installment in Eric Ludy’s epic summer Daily Thunder series entitled Spiritual Lessons from WW1. This episode investigates Winston Churchill’s secret Landships Committee gatherings in 1915 and follows it to its intriguing conclusion—the invention and production of the tank. The tank, originally envisioned by H.G. Wells in his short story, The Land Ironclads, this armored ship that sailed the land, became the answer to the great dilemma of overcoming the barbed wire barrier in no man's land in 1916 when it debuted in the Battle of the Somme. However, as impressive as the tank is now, its first steps forward in the Fall of 1916 were anything but impressive.

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