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The Rise of Quiet Leaders: A Conversation with Steve English
Episode 5217th April 2023 • Be Well, Do Well. • Amin Ahmed
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On this episode of the Be Well, Do Well podcast, we're joined by Steve English, a coach, trainer, and TEDx speaker who empowers quiet leaders to use their voice and create impact. Steve takes us on a journey through his own experience as an introvert, revealing how he overcame his challenges and learned to harness his natural qualities to become an effective leader. Listen in as we explore the unique superpower of introverts and discuss the importance of feedback and the dangers of over-preparation.

Steve shares his invaluable tips for introverts in social situations, discussing how to break free from self-limiting beliefs and create a new self-identity. By making the situation about the audience and serving them, introverts can eliminate these self-limiting beliefs. Steve provides insights on how to manage energy levels and suggests preparing open-ended questions in advance to connect with people. Don't miss his advanced technique of asking, “Who are you looking to meet?” as a way to introduce oneself in new social situations.

As we explore the world of team-building, Steve enlightens us on the use of the DISC assessment as a tool for creating more cohesive teams. He breaks down how the four different quadrants of this behavioral assessment can be used to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and how this understanding can lead to more effective communication. By the end of this episode, you'll have a fresh perspective on introversion, leadership, and the power of self-awareness in building stronger teams and relationships. So join us, connect with Steve, and let's redefine what it means to be a quiet leader!




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